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Hexagon patterned base
Dual Harness System
Polyester Webbing
Velcro™ Brand
Impact resistant Nylon Buckles
Fitting Dual Harness System
Comparison with conventional


Yowie agility

Comparison with Conventional Snowshoes
. Yowie have the advantage, that they are elegantly simple. Designed to have few parts that can break, wear, or lose. They are quick to put on, and easy to use. Unlike traditional free-heeling snowshoes, the Yowie platform is flexible with the heel secured to it.

Benefits include: Sure footed Yowie is a firm extension of your foot. You know exactly where they are without having to look at them. Simply use normal techniques as you would when walking or running in boots alone. Yowies add that element of predictability, no more falling waist deep in soft snow, the cleats will not let you slip on ice.

Move backwards, sideways, turn around. A basic function that traditional snow shoes cannot do well. Yowies are easy to work in.

Climb up or down the steepest soft snow easily. To ascend, kick steps as you would with boots alone. When descending, without a long free-heeling tail you are able to kick steps down.
Fun as they are easy to use, there is little to learn in order to be proficient. Yowies can be fun from when you first put them on. Remember to look up and around. You do not have to watch your feet as you do with other snow shoes or skis. You will be surprised how much you will relax, and can enjoy the scenery.

Surface area of the platform has approximately four times the surface area than that of a boot. On average, wearing Yowies, you may sink into very soft snow to a depth of one quarter to a third of the depth you would sink with boots alone, variables being weight of person, load carried, and snow type.

Yowies are compact, enabling wearer to maneuver easily in rugged terrain, around or over trees, rocks, and to work. They easily fit into a day pack. Yowies are ideal for back country snow boarders, light on the back and virtually indestructible whilst boarding and great to climb back up and out of gullies.

Extremely agile as the name suggests. Made of durable materials.

Shed snow efficiently from the smooth upper surface, and flexing of the platform.

This is the niche of the Yowie we try not to lose sight of it and to stay within it. Likewise, we do not promote Yowies as large surface area powder snow shoes, this is not our aim and is not their niche.

Conventional snowshoes

Free heel snowshoes
. There are aspects of traditional free heeling snowshoe design that limit or impair their usefulness. Use of advanced materials has not allowed them to overcome these fundamental limitations

Disadvantages include:
cumbersome and difficult, near impossible to move backwards, sideways or to turnaround - It is not easy to maintain balance whilst working, or in difficult terrain.

Unpredictable pivoting about the toe, can allow the boot heel to twist and move sideways off the platform. The user needs to constantly look at the snowshoe to ascertain where it is.

Unable to kick steps on steep soft ascents or descents

Many components with many potential failure points, moving parts that can wear.

Unable to shed many of the snow types, sticking to the upper surface of mesh type platforms.

Ice buildup under the heel of the boot as the heel lifts off and on the platform.

Cold wet toes, snowshoes that allow the toe to pivot through the platform and below into the snow with each step.

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